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    Pure Italian Coffee Near You - Experience ELLA Soon

    Good things, like an excellent cup of coffee or a delectable meal, take time to prepare. From our humble beginnings as a cozy store at the heart of Hard Rock Stadium, we are happy to break the news - ELLA is expanding!

    In wanting to maintain the highest quality service possible, ELLA remained adamant in limiting our operations to a singular location for over two decades. Now, given the overwhelming public reception to our current sole brick-and-mortar, we are planning to grow so that we can serve more people soon. We look forward to when everyone gets to experience the warm, inviting atmosphere and coffee and food offerings unique to us.

    See how ELLA has built a dedicated following through our bold coffee as well as freshly made sandwiches, crisp salads, and more. Order online today for a taste of artisanal-quality coffee and splendid meals.


    Connecting with our customers through our coffee, food, and service doesn’t end once they leave our store.
    Want to share your experience with ELLA? Good or bad, we’re all ears!

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