Coffee, drinks, and food that excites the senses - made fresh, always.

Why should tradition and modernity clash? At ELLA, our customers can savor both familiar and distinct coffee and food offerings found in our hand crafted menu.


Our core line of products. The source of the inviting, unmistakable aroma that greets you once you enter our store. From our espressos to our con panna, each lovingly crafted cup is made from scratch using dark-roasted Italian coffee beans sourced from the renowned coffee-growing region in Italy.



Non-coffee-based drinks are offered for customers looking for a wide array of alternative, light refreshments. These include hot tea, hot chocolate, flavored sparkling water, and more.



Filling and freshly made, our sandwiches are sure to make your day even more special. Choose among our Italian, American, Omelet, or Frittata sandwich offerings.



Choose between our savory Greek and tangy Caprese Salad. No matter your choice, you will get a salad that is a feast for the eyes and equally filling - assembled fresh and made to order.


Pastry, Muffins & Bars

Treats of varied sizes, textures, and flavors are waiting to be discovered by your tastebuds. Our delectable muffins, rich cakes, flaky croissants, and more, are all baked fresh daily in-house. Which will you choose?


Whether you're craving a revitalizing cup of artisanal coffee or a delectable meal crafted right before your eyes, trust Ella to satisfy your desires.

ELLA is brewing something big!

Curious for more? Find more information here. Order online today and experience food and coffee prepared fresh here at ELLA.


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Crafting Timeless Coffee Traditions at ELLA